Pinarie Foods is inspired by the unique and special nutritional properties of Australian Sweet Lupins.

Pinarie Foods was founded in 2019 by passionate Australian agriculture and food connector, Daniel Marshall and Western Australian farmers, Glen Quartermaine and Todd Quartermaine.

Together with our Thailand joint venture food business and science research partners, our business is built around serving you great tasting, healthy and convenient lupin based food products while supporting farmers and sustainable agriculture.

A Millennium ago –
Lupin is an ancient food

Lupin is an ancient legume consumed throughout the Mediterranean region and Andean mountains for thousands of years. However, the ancient cultivar species (Lupinus albus) contains bitter alkaloids which must be removed by soaking in brine followed by boiling. They are usually consumed cold as a delicious whole bean snack, forming an important part of the Mediterranean diet.

1960’s – The creation of powerful Aussie Sweet Lupin

Australian Sweet Lupin is iconic to Western Australia where the vast majority of lupins are now produced and the Mediterranean style climate is absolutely perfect to cultivate this nutrient rich crop. In fact, Australia is responsible for around 85% of the world’s lupin crop? Over the last 60 years lupin has been subjected to natural plant breeding techniques in Western Australia resulting in a species (Lupinus angustifolius) which has negligible amounts of the bitter alkaloids found in other lupin varieties. This sweeter neutral tasting lupin bean no longer needs soaking in brine or cooking and can now be eaten raw and uncooked. Over the last 60 years Lupin varieties have been widely adopted and grown by Australian farmers for their regenerative agriculture qualities. They play an important role in the ecological and symbiotic soil balance of agriculture by fixing nitrogen to soils, creating a better environment for growth and significantly reducing chemical fertiliser use.

2017 – Everything begins with an idea

Our co-founder and passionate Australian agriculture and food connector, Daniel Marshall meets Miss Natsirikorn KALAYANASANT – Living Light Daily and Good Thoughts and Good Deeds (Thailand company) at a food matching event. They discuss the unique and special nutritional properties of Australian Sweet Lupins along with their exceptional versatility. Miss Natsirikorn KALAYANASANT has a strong background in FMCG with NESTLE and immediately see’s the potential in human foods for this impressive and powerful high protein legume. Together with Daniel’s knowledge of Australian Sweet Lupin and direct access to high class growers and supply chain partners, an innovative idea is formed and CREATIVE CONNECTION begins.

2018 – 2019
– A win/win partnership for the greater good

Daniel Marshall introduces Miss Natsirikorn KALAYANASANT to Western Australian farmers and business partners Glen Quartermaine and Todd Quartermaine. The Quartermaine’s farm is located in Dowerin in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia where along with other crops, they produce high quality lupins.

Following successful R&D projects for lupin superfood product development,

A joint venture, ‘THAI-WA LUPIN PRODUCTS’ is formed between Daniel, the Quartermaine’s and our Thai business partners. This joint venture is firmly built on the foundations of friendship and cooperation with supply chain partners, who collectively share a single common goal and purpose. 

This being, to provide a complete range of the unique, ready to eat, lupin-based food products, to health, wellbeing & fitness conscious consumers across Australia, Asia and global markets.


2019 – Pinarie Foods is born

After many months of product R&D and design phases, Pinarie Foods the brand and product family range including our flagship snack brand PINARIE SNACKS is born!

August 2019 – Market testing and customer feedback


Pinarie Snacks launched at the Perth Good Food & Wine Show for customers to taste test and provide their feedback. Following the amazing response and positive customer feedback, PINARIE SNACKS commercial production begins.

December 2019
– To market to market

Pinarie Snacks available on the shelf at independent retail stores in Western Australia (WA). Our snacks are widely accepted and available in 50+ independent stores across WA by the end of 2019.

April 2020 – From little things big things grow

Pinarie Snacks goes National! Our first order of Pinarie Lupin Chips are sent to the Australian East Coast for distribution into VIC, NSW and QLD independent stores.

June 2020 – Thanks to you

Following the amazing support from YOU, customers and independent retailers, PINARIE SNACKS are developing new flavours and snacks, to keep you HEALTHY and HAPPY. We are also developing new high protein gluten free noodles in a range of styles. Please keep following us on IG & FB or send us a message via our contacts tab.

The Journey Ahead

We are deeply grateful and appreciative to the founding scientists and farmers in Western Australia who have provided us with the opportunity to make LUPINS into healthy SUPERFOOD products for YOU.

Together with our Thailand joint venture lupin food business and science research partners, our business is built around serving YOU, great tasting, healthy and convenient lupin based SUPERfood products. It is our common goal to support all our farmers, sustainable agriculture and business co-operation between Australia and Thailand, who share a long and strong history together.

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